3 Ways To Choose The Perfect Paint Color For Your Living Room

3 Ways To Choose The Perfect Paint Color For Your Living Room

Painting is all about balance; too much color and your living room could feel like a mess, too little paint, and it might not create the mood you’re looking for.

Deciding which color suits your living room can be challenging, especially if other stakeholders disagree with your choice. The only way to end the argument is by listing down the essential factors that should influence your choice of living room paint.

It would help if you consider the following factors when choosing a color for the living room. You may also want to seek advice from professional painting contractors like Affordable One Home Services.

1) Look to the Furniture for Inspiration

Looking at the furniture can help you choose a suitable color for your living room. If you have bold and dark-toned furniture, then going with lighter shades is highly recommended.

However, if you have light-colored or white wood furniture, darker shades of browns or red might work well.

Remember that whatever color scheme you choose should work well with your entertainment center, too—if you’re planning on buying a new one just for this space.

Just remember that when choosing a paint color for your living room, consider both its shape and size as these factors play a crucial role.

2) What Mood do You Want Your Living Room to Present?

To create the perfect ambiance for your living room, consider what mood you’d like it to reflect: are you looking for a bright and cheerful space or perhaps something more relaxed?

For example, if you want a formal living room, bolder colors such as purple, red, or orange are perfect. These colors bring energy to the room, making it livelier. In contrast, a casual or a relaxing family space will have an informal or tranquil vibe which is naturally reflected by colors with calming tones such as blue and green.

While these may seem obvious—it’s always worth mentioning that not every color scheme will work well with carpets. To make your life easier when choosing paint colors for living rooms, avoid using dark hues as they absorb rather than reflect light. That is why lighter shades tend to be better choices if there happens to be carpeting on the floor of your living room!

3) Maintain Balance with Neutral Colors

An easy way to keep your living room space from becoming too overwhelming is by using neutral colors. If you want to introduce a pop of color, try painting just one wall in the same hue as an accent piece of the furniture item, which will make it stand out more without taking over the entire area.

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