6 Mistakes Rookies Make By Excluding A Professional Painter In A Residential Project

6 Mistakes Rookies Make By Excluding A Professional Painter In A Residential Project

While it’s commendable to attempt your home painting job as a DIY project, it’s only okay if you have done it before. So, unless you have prior experience, the truly commendable act would be for you to wise up before taking up such a task within your home.

There are only too many mistakes that can occur with starting an intensive home upgrading project when you have never done it before. And though we agreed that the weather is cool, so you won’t have to sweat through the ordeal, the reality is that you will profusely sweat once you have to deal with the costs of a professional fixing your painting blunders later on!

That said, the following rookie reasons are why one should hire professional services like those of Affordable One Home Services in Denver, CO.

1. Zero Preparation

There are so many things to take care of before you can land a single brush stroke on your home’s walls. You have to move the furniture from the walls and cover it, including your prized ottoman & Afghans.

Did you know that you can’t just paint over wallpaper or old paint? Yes! That all has to be scrapped off, sanded, & cleaned before any cracks, dents, and dings are filled in and sealed. Then you have to apply diluted bleach to potential mold spots & let them dry. Only then does your painting challenge begin.

2. Choosing The Wrong Paint

There is no universal paint type you can use without a care in the world. Bathrooms require a different moist-resistant emulsion, kitchens need standard interior paints, & house exteriors have anti-weathering emulsions. Cabinetry calls for oil or latex-based paint. Many folks just don’t know what they’ve gotten into and pick the wrong paint type. The same is with paint colors; homes and paints have to be matched professionally. Seek a consult!

3. Buying Substandard Painting Brushes

Without the appropriate instruments, high-quality paint will get you nowhere! You’ll get a smoother finish and use less paint if you use expert brushes & rollers. Forget those cheap brushes you saw at some sale and invest in the real deal to get the right finish.

4. Skipping Out on Primer

If your walls are already in excellent condition, that’s great. But if not, then get scraping & sanding the walls and fix the cracks because you are getting nowhere without a primer. Wall primers add a protective base coat to the wall and help with better application of the final emulsion.

5. No Painting Floor-Plan

Only a DIY painting amateur can go about house painting without a plan. Divide your house’s walls into sections & define stroke directions for texture. Start painting the ceiling first, then proceed to the rest of the room. And never remove the paint tape unit the paint is dry!

6. Bad Clean-Up Strategy

Don’t leave brushes and pans to ‘clean up later’. Get cleaning right after a DIY paint job. Rinse the rollers & brushes and wring them to dry. Wrap them up the next day in their original covers. Clean paint covers for proper sealing. Store the supplies in a cool, dry place.

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