6 Must-Have Tools For Gutter Cleaning

6 Must-Have Tools For Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause problems for your home if not cleaned properly and regularly. The drainage help prevents the water from damaging your house by diverting the water from the roof. However, if the gutters are not maintained well, it can lead to several issues like overflowing and leakage. Such problems can damage your house and also put your family at risk.

At Affordable One Home Services, we have mastered gutter repair, replacement, and installation, and now bring you this blog where we discuss the six must-have tools for gutter cleaning.

1. A ladder to reach the gutters

You can use a regular ladder to reach the gutters if you have a one-story home. However, if your house is two-stories or more, you will need an extension ladder to reach the gutters. You should also ensure that the ladder is placed on firm ground and stable before climbing it.

2. A bucket or container to catch the debris

A bucket or container will make it easier to collect the debris as you clean the gunk out. This will also prevent the waste from falling to the ground and messing up. The size of the bucket will depend on the cleaning situation. However, we advise using a 5-gallon bucket.

3. Gloves to protect your hands

You can never be sure what goes in your gutters – there could be nails, sharp objects, or other things that can hurt your hands. Wearing gloves will protect your hands from these potential hazards. Use high-quality latex gloves or other durable gloves to get the job done.

4. Eye protection – safety goggles, sunglasses

Cleaning your gutters can be dusty, and you don’t want debris or cleaning chemicals in your eyes. Toxic waste is another problem that can build up over time and cause blindness if splashed in your eyes while cleaning. Proper eye protection will safeguard your vision as you tend to your gutters.

5. A garden hose with a spray nozzle (or a pressure washer)

A garden hose will help you rinse the gutters once you have finished cleaning your gutters. The water will make your job easier and help remove any leftover debris. A pressure washer is not mandatory but can make the job easier. Unlike regular washing, pressure washing will remove the gunk attached to the inner surfaces.

6. A rake or broom to clean out the waste

A broom or rake will help remove leaves and debris from the gutters. Drains can house a lot of solid waste, including leaves, sticks, and even dead animals. Even using a power washer, you must separate the solid waste with a rake.

Gutter cleaning is not very difficult, but it is time-consuming. Hiring professional gutter cleaning services such as Affordable One Home Service, serving Grand Junction, CO, is advisable to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have experts with the experience and the equipment to take on any gutter cleaning project, no matter how big or small. Get your free estimate now!