Reinvigorate Your Kitchen Remodel Via 5 Refreshing Upgrades!

Reinvigorate Your Kitchen Remodel Via 5 Refreshing Upgrades!

Kitchen remodels are among the most demanding projects to manage because apart from the visual aesthetics, there is the plumbing to consider. Often a complete overhaul is needed to adapt new kitchen plumbing to the older systems in antique properties. Still, with a job well done by experts like Affordable One, you won’t have to break a sweat getting all your dream designs in order.

Kitchen remodels can be a bit pricey, so in case you require remodel financing, we have you covered on that end as well. Now onto the part about some ideas worth investing in to give your kitchen that pick-me-up vibe this fall, and for many to come!

1. Flexible Faucets & Pot Filler Taps

American kitchens are genuinely the communal waterhole of every multifamily unit. These busy spaces are subject to far more use than the usual living room congregations in Texas, with pots bubbling thick stews and dishes piled up. So why not add a pot filler above the stove to reduce weight lifting hazards while adding a flexible faucet to help you with the dishes.

2. Get Your Very Own Waterstation

If you have a knack for MasterChef level cooking, then it’s not such a bad idea to install a waterstation to make a compact kitchen look more organized. The KWC waterstation is the latest in kitchen upgrades and supports a sleek design with mahogany boards. The entire unit can be adjusted for use for people with disabilities. Waterstations are like a fully-loaded food preparation section with sliding attachments and colanders plus disposal units. Premium brands specialize in these implements to make your kitchen remodel worth the time you will spend on it.

3. Add a Pretty Island

Kitchen Islands are not a recent innovation, but they have been reinvented through the ages to look ever more robust, functional, aesthetic, and multipurpose. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or have an online cooking channel, you must have realized the need for countertop space. Well, kitchen islands add a lot of space on the tops and cabinets to organize all your spices and cutlery. There are so many prefab designs to pick from that can fit into your wide kitchens or studio apartment, all the while adding that online cooking channel vibe that is so sought after. You will also get a pretty casual dining area with stools to match.

4. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are one for the outdoors and cozy evenings in Houston, then add a BBQ rig to your patio, complete with a cooking range and matching kitchen accessories. Any eye-catching plumbing hardware? Add a water station and flexible faucets. Screen in the section and enjoy the delicious neighborhood get-togethers to come. Outdoor kitchens are not that bad considering all the natural light and ventilation they afford.

5. Let That Sink In

A kitchen remodel is incomplete without a stainless steel or a ceramic sink. If a waterstation is too flashy, you can settle in with a stylish & seamlessly integrated sink. Apron sinks and seamlessly integrated countertop sinks are in vogue these days, and if they seem hefty on the pocket, they will surely up the value on your property!

We know you are tempted, and Affordable One Home Services has just the right rates for all your remodeling desires in Houston, TX. Get your free quotes on our reliable services, and we will give that kitchen the TLC it deserves!