Solar Roofing Caveats To Consider For An Excellent Roofing Project

Solar Roofing Caveats To Consider For An Excellent Roofing Project

As a roofing contractor, you may have come across prospects throwing around the words ‘cost-effective’ & ‘free-energy’ regarding solar paneling until they realized their roofs would get drilled into. They get uneasy more about the potential for roof damage than the installation expenses solar panels entail.

A few prospects make matters worse by Googling erroneous anecdotes on shoddily done solar roofing jobs. Regardless, this is the part where Affordable One Home Services holds competency over the rest.

We ensure our clients know what they are getting into, but we also deliver the David of all solar roofing installations like the Michelangelo we are proud to be.

So, what makes a solar roofing project excel without roof damage?

1. Is The Roof Designed for Solar Installation?

Ensure the client’s roof is in good condition. If the roof needs repairs, don’t hoodwink the client; let them know and offer repairs. Never risk solar installation over an already compromised roof to avoid a cave-in. You should consider if the roof is strong enough for regular solar panel maintenance and how long can the roof itself last as solar panels manage a stretch of 25-years, so time the roof with it.

2. Are The Correct Roofing Materials Being Used?

Roofs have to be matched to the best installation materials possible. If it’s an older tile roof, that will require switching out some of the tiles to install sturdy shingles then fixing on the solar panel chassis.

If the roof is flat, that is hardly the end of your problems because as favorite as flat roofs are among installers, as it requires no drilling, one still needs an elaborate setup to tilt the panels along with the sun. Roofing pads are also required to prevent the concrete ballasts from deforming the roof. Mind you; flat roof solar installations are heavily ballasted.

3. Are The Right Solar Mounts Being Used?

When choosing solar roofing mounts for a client, always consider the type of roofing, the slope, space, sun exposure, navigational impediments, and the gutter system. These may be a lot of variables, but this way, you will avoid any solar installation pitfalls.

4. Are Good Installation Practices Being Enforced?

Never leave a customer dissatisfied with a lousy job. Handle solar materials carefully, scan the roof for leaks and clean up the worksite before completing the project. Using best practices won’t cost you much but will help ensure contractor-client trust in quality deliveries.

5. Always Offer a Robust Solar Roofing Maintenance Plan

The most significant caveat in solar roofing is the frequency of maintenance runs required to keep the solar systems working optimally. The better these panels are held, the higher their efficiency. Do offer your clients with a follow-up maintenance plan at the first opportunity.

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