The Perks And Pitfalls Of Skylights

The Perks And Pitfalls Of Skylights

Homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their homes. Still, many don’t know what design features can make a big difference. Installing skylights is one way to increase the natural light in your Houston, TX home and make it feel more spacious. However, there are some hard truths you should be aware of before making this decision.

In this blog post, Affordable One Home Services will discuss the pros and cons of installing skylights.

The Advantages of Skylights

There are many advantages of installing skylights in your home.

  • They allow natural light to brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious.
  • They also provide an opportunity to see the stars or sky on a clear night.
  • Skylights can help you save money on your energy bills since they allow more natural light to enter the home.
  • Skylights also come in a range of designs and sizes, so you have many options when it comes to finding one that will match your style.
  • Skylights are easy to install & clean, and maintain.
  • You can install skylights in areas too narrow for a regular window, and they can be placed in a roof or ceiling with any slope.

The Downsides of Skylights

There’s are also some downsides to skylights.

  • They let in more heat than you might think so that they can increase your energy bills during the summer.
  • Installation of skylights is usually more expensive than regular windows and doors.
  • Finally, skylights are more high-maintenance than your average window. They can be challenging to clean, so you’ll need a reliable service for that too.

How to Choose the Right Skylight

Before you decide to add a skylight, it’s essential to consider the size.

Too small and it might not do much for your home; too large and it could be overwhelming.

There are also different skylights to choose from, so think about what kind of light you want and how much ventilation is necessary to keep the room airy.

If you’re considering getting one installed, find out the right size for you by carefully examining the roof and ceiling of the room you want to add a skylight.

If the room already has windows, your skylight should be no more than 5% of the floor space to avoid an uncomfortable glare during the summer months.

However, if the room you’ve chosen lacks windows, your skylight can take up a maximum of 15% of the room’s space.


Although installing skylights might sound like a hassle, it is worth the effort if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home with natural light.

However, skylights are not suitable in every roofing situation and should be chosen carefully before they are installed.

Affordable One Home Services can help ensure that skylight installation goes smoothly. You’ll find us in Houston, TX, and can rest assured that our skilled professionals will take care of your needs.Get your free estimate today!