Weighing The Benefits Of Wood & Metal Fencing For Your Home Project

Weighing The Benefits Of Wood & Metal Fencing For Your Home Project

Your house’s fencing not only deters pests and trespassers but adds an elevating appeal to your homes. It is not a feature to be overlooked since design aesthetics have to be meshed with security to provide the best-secured residence.

While there are numerous options in house fences, you need to know them better to choose an option that suits your premises best. The debate on wood vs. metal is the rage among industry fencing experts, so we decided to delve into the details to provide you with a basis for the perfect selection.

Affordable One Home Services has categorized the benefits of both wood & metal fences under relevant characteristics desired by clients across our many areas serviced, including Katy, TX.


Wood fences are economical, in fact, the cheapest on the market. However, depending on your acreage, the cost might be high in addition to the installation charges.

Wrought iron & aluminum are good metal fence choices though iron tends to be the most expensive option. The best thing about wrought iron is that it can be molded into intricate designs, but that too affects the cost. Aluminum is comparatively cheaper and can mimic wrought iron in design.


Wood fencing is relatively easy to install, and the ideal time is summer. Avoid humid conditions to ensure the wood does not offset measures by swelling. Otherwise, the shrinkage will leave unforeseen gaps in the fence. Wooden panel gates are also vulnerable to humidity and make it hard to open tight-fit doors.

Metal fences pose some difficulty in installation as they are heavy. However, pre-assembled options make the process easier and adaptable to uneven ground.

Visual Appeal

Wood fences add a nostalgic charm that is warm and welcoming. It’s more in tune with nature and can be stained or painted to desired colors.

Metal fencing presents a more intimidating facade but is malleable; it can also be manipulated to delicate designs. Add some paint and custom accessories, and your fences can look intimidating but welcoming again.


Wood fences are pretty vulnerable to the elements. Humidity can cause the wood to rot and invite termites, but they can last a while with effective pest control.

Metal fences are impervious to warping, rot, or infestation and will stand for decades without buckling. Contemporary designs involve pin-hinge systems that propagate the metal stresses from deforming the fence with temperature cycles.


Wood fences are high-maintenance to be functional. They require remediation every couple of years. Sanding, priming, & repainting are going to be intense activities depending on the length of your fences.

Metal fences don’t require much maintenance except the routine checking for rust or cracking paint. Aluminum and galvanized steel are invulnerable to weathering, but the paint coating might need to be refreshed occasionally.

With all these factors considered under your budget and requirements, you can now make a suitable decision regarding installing a new fence around your home or commercial premises. For further assistance with sourcing affordable & durable fencing, Affordable One Home Services are your go-to experts in Katy, TX.

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